May 11: Striking NYC Stella D’Oro workers rally in CT

After nine months on strike against vicious concessions, BCTGM Local 50 and the 136 strikers at Stella D’Oro have had enough — and on Monday, May 11, 2009, they took the fight directly to Stella D’Oro’s owners, the private equity firm Brynwood Partners, in Greenwich, Connecticut.


2 Responses

  1. Now I know why there hasn’t been any Lady Stella Cookies on store shelves. I liked the iced Lady Stella Cookies. These cookies were my favorites!

    Time for Wall Street to relinquish control over workers. The Global Depression is because of this surge in Corporate greed which tears apart communities and breeds poverty. No wonder the stocks are crumbling like cookies!

  2. If this were a recession there wouldn’t be so many permanent losses. These losses can only be from an Economic Depression!

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