Student Labor Action Project Fall Report

by Maria Escobar

Fall has just begun but what a semester its turning out to be! Students across the country are strategizing and organizing on campaigns hitting key issues from immigrant rights to increased access to education. Students from Florida to California are getting trained, holding events, and launching exciting campaigns on their campuses. SLAP is working hard to ensure that students have the training and skill sets to win these fights, as well as working with other students and everyday people in their communities.


Earlier this month, SLAP was at Wichita State University for a few days and got a chance to participate in events on two different issues. First, we got to see immigrant right advocates on campus pass a resolution through Wichita State University’s Student Senate supporting the DREAM ACT! WSU joins the growing number of students taking the issue of equal access for all students.

The next day they held an event called “Why Unions Matter” which focused on the importance of the Employee Free Choice Act and students in building the labor movement.

At Miami University in Oxford, OH, Students for Staff has kicked off the year and is continuing their push for a living wage on campus that puts people over profits. On October 11 th students and community flyered at an alumni event to raise the stakes in their ongoing campaign. They are currently working with AFSCME to figure out some next steps and creative tactics.

Last week, students at Florida State University held an event bringing light to worker’s right violations in Colombia. Luis Adolfo Cardona, working with the union SINALTRAINAL, and Camilo Romero shared first-hand accounts of the violence and repression workers and their communities face in Colombia at the hands of paramilitary death squads and their sponsors, like the corporate entity Coca-Cola.

SLAP at University of California at Santa Barbara, in conjunction with students from other UC’s, were part of a statewide rally supporting AFSCME clerical workers on their fight for a fair contract.

One last update, we’d like to welcome to the SLAP network students at the University of Maine who formed the Wildcat SLAP and the SLAP formation up and running at the University of Washington – Tacoma. Welcome!

Temple SLAP GROWs!

“GROW is one of the most important things I’ve done as a student. It’s changed the way I think about problems and organizing” Jared Silfies- Temple Student

Temple SLAP held a GrassRoot Organizing Weekend from Sep 27th to 29th with more than 30 students learning the basics of direct action organizing. SLAP has played a key role in the campaign for pad-sick days and fair wages for Philadelphia security officers. We’ll continue updating you on the campaign and letting you know how to take action with them in the coming months.

Maria Escobar is the national coordinator for the Student Labor Action Project a joint initiative of Jobs with Justice and the United States Student Association. Sign up for emails from SLAP, here.

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