Wage Theft

Interfaith Worker Justice Executive Director Kim Bobo’s gave some powerful testimony on the crisis of wage theft at the House Education and Labor Committee’s hearing Tuesday, July 15th.

“Is the Department of Labor Effectively Enforcing Our Wage and Hour Laws?”, you can catch her delivered remarks on YouTube here (or by clicking the image below).

You can also access the full text of her prepared remarks here.

“What was most encouraging to me,” said Kim Bobo, “was to see that members of Congress clearly understood that the theft of American paychecks is at stake. They’re beginning to take the crisis of wage theft seriously.” In November, the New Press will publish a major book by Kim Bobo on the crisis of wage theft and what a progressive Department of Labor would do to address it.

One Response

  1. Kim Bobo’s testimony to Congress shuld be
    front page news but, sadly, it isn’t. While that’s
    another issue, the real issue here is how gov’t
    idelaogues have hijacked the labor Dept. and
    used it as a blatantly anti-worker agancy to aid
    busniess interests by simply doing nothing or
    specifically ignoring, underfunding etc.
    This is one of modern capitalism’s ugly little
    secrets. It’s not a new scheme to steal workers
    wages but its done now on a larger scale than in
    the past. The labor movement, such as it is, must
    take seriously the charge that immigrant labor-most
    vulnerable to this particular abuse-has to be organized

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