Shame on Elaine

shameonelaine.jpgAmerican Rights at Work has launched a web-based campaign exposing Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao’s dismal record through

Unlike her cohorts in the Bush Administration, Elaine Chao has escaped much-needed public scrutiny of her time on the job. From littering the Labor Department with corporate insiders to dismantling worker safety protections and collaborating with her husband, Sen. Mitch McConnell, on a blatant anti-union political agenda, Elaine has disgraced her role as Secretary of Labor.

Like most union activists we knew Elaine was a stinker – but until ARAW pulled all the information together at one spot, we had no idea just how bad her record is. We’re sure you’ll share our outrage over what we found out she was up to instead of serving in the interest of workers:

  • Hired a former colleague from the Heritage Foundation who actually wrote a report titled “How to close down the Department of Labor.”
  • Cut over 100 inspectors at the MSHA and, as a result, hundreds of mines weren’t inspected and tragedies such as Sago and Crandall Canyon might have been prevented.
  • Had Chao-themed coins, lanyards, and fleece blankets printed at taxpayers’ expense.
  • Failed to issue a rule requiring employers pay for their workers’ safety gear—contributing to 400,000 workers injured and 50 dead.
  • Had an auditorium named in her honor – thanks to her husband’s $14.2 million earmark to enhance the Mitch McConnell Center at his alma mater, the University of Louisville. Of course, Elaine never attended the university.

Check out the site at

One Response

  1. Lets not forget

    We are angry and smelly workers, according to the US Secretary of Labor
    … In her infinite wisdom, Department of Labor Secretary Elaine Chao lectures workers on how we can stop losing our jobs to foreign workers: …
    Secretary of Labor on Employee Free Choice Act
    … will veto if it gets to his desk. The president and Elaine Chao say that private ballot elections should be preserved because “it is …

    Gonna do a story on my blog, mind if I quote you in entirety, with some more info added?

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