NYC commuter paper covers food workers fight

While major newspapers have cut back on their coverage of unions and workers, there is a surprising source picking up the slack–at least in New York City. One informed observer says that Metro, a free commuter paper, covers labor better than the big dailies. Metro also has Boston and Philadelphia editions.

An example is a recent story on how Aramark has retaliated against cafeteria workers supporting Unite Here.

On Dec. 5, seven employees — three waiters and four kitchen workers — decided to give a copy of the petition to Robert Rubin, then chairman of Citigroup. “We were all a little scared, but if we didn’t do it we’d never get anything better,” Garcia said. They were allowed to go as far as the executive offices before security turned them away. When they returned to work, Aramark suspended them and eventually laid off three of the kitchen workers. The waiters kept their jobs.

For more on Unite Here’s campaign for cafeteria workers, see this.

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  1. Supplemental information on the global campaign to organize foodservice and catering employees of Aramark, Sodexho and Compass (the major global catering companies) can be found at

  2. […] Low-Wage Workers Call on Goldman to Spread the Wealth to Cafeteria Workers Posted on March 4, 2008 by testdlabblog Last year the average Goldman Sachs employee made approximately $660,000 while the average Aramark cafeteria employee at Goldman took home only $410 per week. On March 5, hundreds of Aramark workers will call on Goldman, as a part owner of Aramark, to tell the company to raise wages and provide health insurance that families can afford, and to stop interfering in workers’ decision to form a union. (See a earlier Talking Union post on Aramark’s anti-union actions  here.) […]

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